From the beginning of the century to its end, the world has undergone changes and discoveries that exponentially, year after year, have amazingly and irrevocably changed the lives of every person. Great discoveries, great inventions and great benefits but also the greatest tragedies of all time, have scared who was born and lived in that century. But those who have lived in the 20th century, with its magnificent developments and its tragedies, are our great-grandparents, grandparents or parents, who, in turn, have left a sign on our lives, with the gentleness and the wisdom that comes from having fully lived a tiring and wonderful life at the same time.

Why this Bed & Breakfast? In order to not forget not only a so important century but, and above all, a grandfather that this house has willed, loved and turned in his and our world. A world of goodness and sincerity, sweat and commitment, distinguishing mark of the people of our territory. For everyone, friends and grandchildren, he was "CENTO", with that name, translating Vincenzo in Asti’s dialect, who has accompanied him for a lifetime. Since 1909, the year of his birth, till the end of the century, CENTO has infused in us those simple values that today we hope to offer to our customers, with the hope of leaving them a genuine memory of this land.

This is why 9CENTO, a so memorable century as a grandfather, CENTO, born on '9 and never forgotten


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